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We are a Connecticut-based boutique design studio.

our three guiding principles

These are our core values. They inform every aspect of what we do.

We believe...

We believe...

We believe that branding is so much more than just beautiful artwork, a solid strategy, or the findings of a focus group.

We understand...

We understand...

We understand that the most effective branding is greater than the sum of its parts–that there is magic beyond measure that happens when people interact with a brand on an emotional level–that sets the stage for a relationship turning customers into advocates.

We are...

We are...

We are infatuated with the notion that this advocacy, this brand love, can be uniquely transformative for both the consumer and the brand. And it is our aim to create or grow this brand love with everything that we do.

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If you would like to discuss our capabilities or see specific case studies of work we have done in your specific industry, we would be happy to begin a conversation.